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Rock with lights
Hey, a new CD cover, shot in my own backyard, David Gans and Eric Rawlins, Desert Wind, Rollin' Rivercd cover David and Eric

Did a cover photo, an ad, and an inside spread in an issue (Volume 29, Number 4, 2006) of Ornament magazine, cover for my wife, Giselle Shepatin.
Aloysia Gavre was the aerial artist, and Kathleena Gorga did makeup and hair. Perhaps the most fun day of shooting I've ever had. The article, by Chiori Santiago, is excellent, as well.
More recently, had a ten page spread in the September-October, 2007, issue of Belle Armoire magazine, another great article about Giselle.

I've been pretty busy lately, but will get the China and Korea photos here soon, I hope. Probably this spring sometime. Some more from another trip to Turkey, too.

Meanwhile, I was sound engineer for a CD, Dave Fredrickson, Four Cords, that was released in 2006. coverMore info here
I did the cover photo, as well.

excessive heeling
Problems at an Inland Lakes Class C Scow race on July 3 gave me some interesting photos.
Some other photos of the same race other photos.

Coming "soon": China...stay tuned! and Korea after that. (sorry, I'm way behind with these)

women working?
View of Sultanahmet Camii from Gate of Topkapi Palace

View of Sultanahmet Camii from Gate of Topkapi Palace

Sultanahmet Camii, during Ramazan

Sultanahmet Camii, during Ramazan

Turkey trip in 2003... Pictures Here

Sulimaniye Mosque interior Thanksgiving 2000 in Turkey: Pictures Here
a cobra we met
Giselle and I were in India, in '99, have some pictures right about here: India

We went back to Turkey for turkey day, in 1998. Not up the Bosporus, that time, but deep into central Anatolia, Kapadokia, to be exact.
Kapadokia Scenery
If you think this is strange, take a look at some more pictures.

Look for my wife, Giselle Shepatin, fashion designer and manufacturer, and retired olympic weightlifter, in a cool Sark book, Succulent Wild Woman, from Simon and Schuster. (She's the one doing the record-breaking snatch.)

In May, 2003, she was be the fourth woman athlete ever to be inducted into the U.S. Weightlifting Hall of Fame, and the only athlete inducted in 2003.

She was just about to win a gold medal at the Olympic Festival in Boulder, when this was taken. small gold

Her own website,, has some photos of her works, and, if you're a boutique, gallery, circus, or other store that sells women's clothing and accessories, check it also has her show schedule. I took most of the photos in recent years.

I've got a cover shot on the October 12, 1968, issue of Rolling Stone. The Rolling Stones in Mass.(but not this shot!)

Oh, and watch for me in Idaho Transfer, starring, among others, Keith Carradine, who was later in McCabe and Mrs. Miller and Nashville (nice kid, btw), directed by Peter Fonda, produced by Bill Hayward, released in theaters in 1973, then was released in VHS, and now is in DVD! It's still going strong, after all these years, instead of going to the video remaindering can even still order the VHS or DVD. There's some info about the movie at imdb.

Under aliases, I've also done a one-man show of drawings and paintings (all forgeries of Paul Klee) at the University of Minnesota; a record cover for Toni Brown and Terry Garthwaite's Joy of Cooking, and another one for former Youngblood Jerry Corbitt; the publicity photographs at the old Casbah and Bagdad (both now long gone) on Broadway of belly-dancers Rhea and Zaharr; the very first publicity photos ever for High Country; and acted the part of a SF socialite in a commercial with Willie Walker, Whoopee Goldberg, Boz Scaggs, Willie Brown, Don Novello, John Burton, Fratelli Bologna, and some other people; created Humbead's Revised Map of the World with Rick Shubb, created el Hashish, another infamous poster.

Under my own name (the one I use here, anyway), I've made a program to evaluate the risk associated with portfolios of fixed income derivatives; facilitated the burial at sea of a goddess...well, in San Francisco Bay, which is seawater; rowed on the Ganges; run a circus; had dinner with Hubert Humphrey in a little farmhouse outside Le Sueur, Minnesota; had tea with Der Alte, Konrad Adenauer, at his place in Bad Godesberg; helped calculate the marginal value of a duck to a duck hunter in Minnesota; hung out in the Stambol section of Istanbul and imported Turkish buttons, trims, yarns and carpets; helped design an online coconut oil futures market back in 1968; photographed the women's world championships for olympic weightlifting in Varna, Bulgaria and in Istanbul; negotiated a text-to-speech contract in a factory in Kadoma, outside Osaka; helped start an emergency medical clinic in Malibu (Malibu Emergency Room), a hot tub and sauna business in Oakland (Piedmont Springs), a day camp in Berkeley (Muji Ubu), a college motorcycle club (the Williams Motorcycle Club), and at least three computer software companies (InnoSys, E/Soft, Intermedia Development); started a yacht club (the Ten Mile Yacht Club); refused to give Gram Parsons the Stratocaster and Telecaster he wrongly claimed were his but in fact belonged to John Nuese; played backgammon with the Jolly Green Giant; and with the Jolly Blue Giant, distributed calligraphy books by David Goines and also his "Thirty Recipes Suitable for Framing", with recipes by Alice Waters; spread cornstarch all over Doug and Ann Trumbull's kitchen with Peter Schickele, after Peter spent the day with Doug adding music to the movie Silent Running; captained a sailing vessel in the Caribbean Sea in an area formerly infested with pirates; Watched Gold Cup Races:Pit Pass and who can remember all the other stuff.

Oh, yeah, twelve years ago Giselle and I flew around the world for $24 each, rather unexpectedly. In the process I rowed a boat on the Ganges and managed to be the emergency sound man at a Jain wedding in Jaipur. I had done some recording previously at the Indian Neck Folk Festival, in Branford, CT, in May, 1961, so was well prepared! At Indian Neck, I recorded a guy named Bob Dylan, among others, but this recording of Dylan was apparently the first time he's been recorded in front of an audience. More recently, I did the sound engineering for a CD of Dave Fredrickson. See above!

Look for me in the May, 1997 issue of Wired (just a photo).

For photos of the late mythical Campbell Coe of Campbell Coe's Campus Music, in Berkeley.
Odds and ends from the past...
I am now on the board of the California Jug Band Association, so watch for festivals and jug band info on their site!

The Battle of the Jug Bands is held every year, the Sunday after the Super Bowl, at the Cabooze Bar, 917 Cedar, West Bank, Minneapolis, USA. Highly recommended! And they finally have a website! Check them out at The 2012 event will be a two day event, for the first time ever, (ever being the 30 years this has been going on), Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th.

Meanwhile, there are more general jug band sites, e.g.,!

Several years ago, 2004, at the 22nd annual Battle of the Jug Bands, my old friends Mary duShane, Cindy Gentling, and their band, the Geezers, won the grand prize, the Holliwood Waffle Iron!

Here's a photo of the Geezers, and the coveted Holliwood Waffle Iron grand prize. genuine 100% prefabricated geezersThe Geezers: Gai Skramstad, Cindy Gentling, and next to her, mostly behind Tom is Mary Rose Cossi, then Tom Skramstad, Peter Albrecht, and partially obscured Don Venne, then Mary duShane, Billy Geezy, and the redoubtable Bill Hinkley. (The band was on Prairie Home Companion on the weekend of January 1/29/05.) genuine Holliwood Waffle Iron

I've also done a cover for the Smyrna Time Machine, a Rebetika band. Some photos of them at the Bosphorus in Berkeley are here.
SF Mime Troupe

The SF Mime Troupe always puts on a good show. I'll try to post some photos of them here, one of these days.

For some more music... Country Joe and the Fish

and lots more photos of musicians, by... John Cooke

On the WELL, I'm co-host of the News, Digest, and Engaged conferences.
I'm also President and CEO of The Well Group, Inc., which owns The Well.

You can send me e-mail at humbead09 (at)

For some more really old music photos, of Sky River.

For a bunch of odds and ends photos... click here

double trap For archives of old Pickle Family Circus pages. (I think all of the photographs are mine.)

For some newer photos, not yet organized in any coherent fashion, Aloysia

St. Stupid's Day was April 1, 2013! The next will be April 1, 2014!
Check it out! Is this Bishop Joey?

The Grand Marshall for the 2010 parade was the leading candidate for Governor, Lowell Darling! In these photos of the 2010 parade, he's the one with the gray hat and megaphone. It was the 32nd Annual parade!

Here's a photo of a skeptical parade participant...


I was stupid enough to get sick and miss the 2005 parade. I was stupid enough to be in Dallas and miss the 2006 parade. I don't remember 2007, but I missed the 2008 parade by being late! I ended up not being able to go to the 2009 parade, due to too much work to do. That was stupid.

I missed the 2011 parade when I hit a preferential parking sign. The sign won.

If you wish to see what the parade looked like in 2001, here are some photos of the 23rd annual parade.

One of these days, I'll be adding more links here to my friends' cool stuff...for example:
Aloysia and Rex' Troupe Vertigo (Aloysia is the model for many of Giselle's photos)
Melina and Sacha's Moody Street Circus in Waltham, MA.
Tandy Beal's dance company
Jon Scoville's music
Gypsy and Shana's circus
Cirque Eloize, another Montreal circus
The Pickle Family Circus, New Pickle Circus
Lhasa de Sela's site
Geoff Muldaur's site
Maria Muldaur's site
Toni Brown's site
Mitch Greenhill's site

meanwhile, have a marshmallow:

Now, I've done a bunch of interesting things, but was asked the other day if I'd ever sexed a chicken. Indeed, I have, or at least was taught how, and tried a few baby chicks...the professional chicken sexers at my uncle's hatchery (the Maple Dale Hatchery) told me I did well, but they might have been humoring me, I don't know for sure. It's not easy to sex a chick!