Humbead's Revised Map of the World

(in black and white)


copyright ©1969 by The Great Humbead

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Additional note: There are a number of copies of this second edition, the 1969 edition, in fairly good shape, still around. The price is $20 per copy, plus $4 shipping, within the US. Shipping is by USPS, though if you prefer UPS, we could do that, too, but would have to charge more for shipping, as UPS seems to be much more expensive lately.

If you want to acquire a copy (or copies) of the map, email me at humbead09 (at) for the address to which to send the check.
In your email give me enough information with which to contact you, not an email address that requires me to go through hoops to reach you. (e.g., some address at earthlink that requires me to access...I don't do that.)

The actual map is published in color. Color has been omitted here for readability reasons.