Brief History

A group of performers founded the Pickle Family Circus in 1974 because they shared a vision of a broad-based, popular form of theater which combined music, drama, dance and humor with traditional circus skill. The Pickle Family Circus pursued its vision for 18 years as a leader in the perpetuation of circus arts and in the development of a new form of circus. Their shows delighted thousands of children and adults and literally launched the careers of some of the most notable comic perfrmers of our time including Geoff Hoyle and Bill Irwin.

Our beloved Bay Area circus--now known as The New Pickle Circus--is directed by the internationally acclaimed choreographer, Tandy Beal. Our artists work regularly with Master Trainer, Mr. Lu Yi, formerly the head of the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe.

The New Pickle Circus features a company of versatile circus artists. They juggle, they tumble. They dive through hoops. They climb poles. They perform unbelievable feats of aerial acrobatics. They teeter and they totter. They suprise and they delight.

The New Pickle Circus shows incorporate the traditions of American and Russian Circus as well as Chinese acrobatics and yet offer an intimate performance experience in a one-ring, all human extravaganza.

Even now, as you read these words, our Pickles are preparing for our home season at Fort Mason's Cowell Theater in December and our national tour scheduled January through March. The show is Jingle Pickles for the Holidays , in place of stuffed goose, eggnog and figgy pudding.

If you want more information about The New Pickle Circus, past, present or future, call our San Francisco office at (415) 544-9343.

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