Mission Statement

Circus performance requires many of the skills of theater and of the concert hall as well as the gymnasium. It is an art and a physical discipline. As such, circus is a celebration of life, of the human body and the human spirit. And, circus enjoys a popularity that transcends - and encompasses - all languages and cultures to delight people of all ages.

The New Pickle Circus is a professional company of circus artists, musicians, dancers, technicians, and support staff dedicated to developing circus as an art: combining skills of balance ans strength, creativity, drama, dance, music and comedy to build on centuries of tradition from many cultures creating a new, vital theatrical experience with all human performers.

The New Pickle Circus is dedicated to the following goals:

Presenting our art to children and adults in many settings throughout the country and the world; sharing performances with our audiences that delight the heart, elevate the spirit, and inspire the soul.

Providing an artistic home and opportunities for creative growth to the artists of the Circus, so that they can and will make a career with this Circus;

Supporting the life enhancing and community building work of other nonprofit organizations through collaborations and benefit performances;

Ensuring the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Circus' performers, staff and company leadership; and,

Managing the Circus and its business professionally and opportunistically, with sound fiscal oversight and an emphasis on diverse sources of income.

[--double trap--] The Main Event